September will be remembered as the month when the CMMC-AB set forth the first accredited CMMC professionals. A press release[1] from September 16th, stated that the “CMMC-AB, in coordination with the DoD, has reached a monumental milestone with the initial training of provisional assessors.” This means that the first group of professionals who will audit organizations for CMMC compliance are moving forward. In the grand scale of things, this is but one group of professionals working with the CMMC-AB (C3PAOs, RPOs, RPs, LIs, LSPs, LPPs, and LTPs to list a few of the others), but this is a meaningful step due to it being the first. Also to note, the CMMC-AB released on September 2nd, an announcement[2] that the first 11 LPPs (Licensed Partner Publishers) had been named. Put these 2 announcements together, and it is clear that in the next few months, the first groups of other professional roles within the CMMC ecosystem will become accredited.