There has been much confusion and frankly deceptive sales practices that have plagued the rollout of the CMMC. Some companies began promising at the beginning of this year that they could get a company to CMMC compliance, long before the actual methods of doing such were released. Still today, there is enormous confusion regarding who can provide CMMC related services. The CMMC-AB has always been clear that there are to be certified and registered professionals and organizations who are to implement the CMMC standard across the DIB. An example to compare rumors on the street versus actual facts is that all year you’ve been able to find companies advertising themselves as experts on implementing the necessary controls for CMMC, and yet just this month, 2 staff members at TechSage Solutions began the Registered Practitioner training required of someone who is to offer consultation on implementing CMMC controls (and we are part of the first CMMC-AB training to be offered!). We at TechSage are excited to finally have the official training from the CMMC-AB to better learn how to help companies towards CMMC compliance because we believe in doing the right thing. If you are approached by someone who claims to be “an expert”, ask them their relationship to the CMMC-AB and find out what they really are authorized to do. If you don’t, you will end up wasting both time and money on fraudulent services.