The whole purpose of the CMMC is to protect DoD information within private companies. This means that if DoD information has made its way to you by either the Department itself, or any other entity, you are in scope of the CMMC purpose. If you still are uncertain if the information you are given in performance of your contract is considered sensitive by the DoD, then it is fitting to ask your prime contractors for guidance. In fact, much of the first awareness of CMMC requirements has come from prime contractors passing information about these requirements down to their supply chains. This is because the DFARS clause implementing CMMC requirements explicitly calls on contractors to insert the CMMC requirement in their own subcontracts. You need to be proactive about determining CMMC requirements regarding the information you possess.

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Founded in 2000 by a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, TechSage Solutions has had an eye for cyber security since it’s beginning. As the world of cyber security compliance standards has evolved over the past 20 years, CEO John Hill has always been mindful of what today’s regulatory environment calls for and what future needs will be. CMMC has been on TechSage Solutions radar for a while now because several of TechSage’s clients are DoD contractors and together, we’ve had to deal with NIST SP 800-171 requirements. For TechSage Solutions, CMMC is just another development in a world we’re already comfortable in. If your MSP has not discussed the current and future implications of CMMC for your organization, the time is now to consider what this lack or preparation will truly cost you. Industry experts have made it clear that organizations who are on the front of CMMC adoption will carry a competitive advantage in a highly competitive DoD contractor industry, so don’t wait to determine your organization’s plan. For further resources, please visit: or call 210-582-5814 and request the free guide for business owners and executives titled: “Planning Your CMMC Journey: 5 Questions You Should Be Asking”.”